Spotify & Coke Forge Partnership [Live Blog]

Posted April 18

As the Neon Trees would say, “Here we are again.” Spotify has called a big press conference in New York City and the O Music Blog will be planted square in the audience to see what the music subscription service has up its sleeve.

Last time we found ourselves in these parts, Spotify unveiled its new apps platform, revealing that developers and brands would be able to create their own applications within the confines of Spotify.

Today, we’re not sure what founder Daniel Ek plans to whip out. There’s been some talk that Spotify will be rolling out an iPad app soon, but such an announcement seems a little on the light side for a full-fledged press conference. Apparently, the subscription service recently signed ad deals with AT&T, McDonalds, Intel, Reebok and Coca-Cola — Ek announced the signing today at the AdAge Digital conference — so perhaps there are some clues there.

We can speculate all we like, but we won’t know the deal until 12 noon EST today. Keep it here when the clock strikes lunchtime for the full live rundown.

Image courtesy of Flickr, masochismtango

11:42 – We’re here! There’s a projection that says “Coca-Cola hearts Spotify,” so, yeah, that probably has something to do with the announcement. We’re listening to Amy Winehouse right now. Apparently there’s no musical act (last time it was Fun.) or waiters with frighteningly fancy finger foods, so I’m guessing it’s a smaller announcement.

11:53 – Grimes! We’re listening to Grimes! Here, listen with us.

12:02 – Apparently we’re starting in 2 minutes. Good thing, since the music has taken a turn for the “ehhhh.”

12:05 – The Spotify crew is taking the stage, along with Coca-Cola. Coke is talking about partnership and shared value, how music has always been part of the way they’ve operated.

Daniel Ek: “We’re partnered with the most known brand in the world… This is not just any partnership for us…” Spotify is about making music ubiquitous and Coke is a ubiquitous brand. Spotify will be the exclusive music technology partner for Coca-Cola Music, a global initiative introduced in 2011.

Coke understands what Spotify is about, Ek says — the idea of sharing music across the world. This partnership is just as important as their partnership with Facebook.

Spotify chief marketing solutions officer Jeff Levick introduces four areas of partnership: Global, tech and social, music and Coke’s commitment to music. Coke will help bring Spotify to all places in the world.

Tech: They will be working with Coke as a tech company to help them do things with music. They will work on top of the platform.

Coke’s Joe Belliotti is telling us about the way Coke works with music. They will be using Coca-Cola music to help bring Spotify to people around the world. They will be launching a Coke experience on top of the platform. They’ve already had hackers try their hand at this with regard to Coke’s Facebook fan page.

They’re showing a video of the hack day.

12:17 – Questions. Apparently an iPad app is “in the works.”

Eliot Van Buskrik from asks for specifics (thanks, Eliot) – Coke wants to take the virtual mobile experience and combine that with the real world presence of Coke. The app will launch during the Olympics, apparently.

Now to tackle how Coke will bring Spotify to the rest of the the world. Coke has music programs around the world, they will share Spotify with those folks.

“When will the apps be out?” someone asks: The Facebook app will launch during the Olympics.

“How is this partnership tied into Coke’s marketing?”: Spotify will be the way Coke shares music on all of their platforms.

“How will this partnership tie into musicians?”: Everything Coke has done in music, according to them, has been about pumping new musicians. Coke can also amplify music using Spotify.

12:34 – And it’s over… We’ll pull this into a more cohesive story for you all when we get back to the office, but the basics are that Coke has partnered with Spotify on all of its music programs, which means big visibility for the subscription service.