Unboxed Returns To NYC With Pyyramids, Not Blood Paint & More

Posted April 9

O Music Awards Unboxed has just about recovered from our jaunt to Austin, Texas, for SXSW (Yes, it’s been like a month… Don’t judge) where we threw a pretty rad little party in a barn outside the city with Miracles of Modern Science. Now, we’re primed to throw shindig number three, a concert/tech unveiling/art installation melange celebrating the art of the interactive music video.

In recent years, online has become the de facto place for fans to check out those mini music flicks that MTV first made popular in the early ’80s — from YouTube to VEVO to music blogs to MTV’s various online properties, music lovers can now watch pretty much any video they want, any time they want. And access isn’t the only change; directors have increasingly been taking advantage of the fact that the computer is not a TV and your desk chair is not a couch — music video viewing doesn’t have to be a passive experience, now users can click around and interact with the media they’re consuming, a phenomenon that has spawned a whole new art form: the interactive music video.

O Music Awards Unboxed III aims to celebrate the art of the interactive music video with a night of tech, art and music. A refresher for the slow folks out there: O Music Awards Unboxed is a New York-based event series that pulls together all aspects of the O Music Awards into one wild night: technology, music, audience interaction and our own special brand of WTF?! weirdness.

On May 6, we’ll be heading to Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, where local band Not Blood Paint (who have garnered a cult following with their theatrical performances) will share the stage with Pyyramids (OK Go’s Tim Nordwind and singer Drea Smith). Pyyramids heralded the release of their debut EP, Human Beings, with an interactive music video that let users put themselves in the action — dancing to the song “That Ain’t Right.”

The night will also feature an look into the technology that drives interactive music videos, courtesy of Yoni Bloch of Interlude (the guys behind videos like Chairlift’s choose-your-own-adventure jaunt, “Have We Met Before”), as well as iPad-spun stage graphics from VJ/artist Shantell Martin. Tabber Guitar — a hack designed to help aspiring shredders play guitar via a light-up fretboard — will also be making the rounds.

Mark your calendars, kids — time to get interactive.

The Details


Performers: Pyyramids, Not Blood Paint, DJ set by Russ Marshalek of Silent Drape Runners
Tech unboxing: Interlude, Tabber Guitar
Artist: Shantell Martin

What: Tech, music, interaction, weirdness

Where: Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn

When: May 6

Why: Why not?

How: Tickets on sale now. $10 at the door. Doors at 8:30 p.m.

Image courtesy of Pyyramids, Facebook