Wavves Creates Video Game For Aspiring Dealers

Posted April 30

LA band Wavves is out with a brand-new online video game today that, according to Vice, is “Paperboy but with a Wavves twist. Monsters designed by Mishka. ‘So Bored’ cover by Anamanaguchi.”

The game, titled, Weed Demon, instructs players to choose an avatar — either Nathan or Stephen from the band — and proceed doling out illegal substances to buyers. As mentioned above, the game is extremely similar to Gameboy favorite Paperboy, requiring users to dodge obstacles and fling their product at the appropriate homes.

Lest you worry that the game is somehow gleefully advocating selling weed, the final level of Weed Demon features a giant demon head to which you’re instructed to feed meth. Yup, tongue is firmly placed in cheek, here.

Wavves is far from the first band to contribute to/be featured in a video game — Das Racist’s “Who’s The Brown” video is also an 8-bit game, Incubus came out with Incubattle to herald the release of their last album, and Vivian Girls’ Katy Goodman recently started making her own choose-your-adventure games.