WTF Wednesday: Maps & Atlases Teach Us A New Word

Posted April 11

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesdays, in which bands tell us WTF they’re looking at online. This week, Maps & Atlases stopped by to share with us the various and sundry videos that they use to unwind on the road.

According to the guys, the band is really into checking out animal videos — yeah, you and about 99% of the Web-surfing public, guys (you can guess what the rest of the population is looking at). Lead singer Dave Davison highlighted one vid in particular titled “Murmuration,” featuring a flock — or murmuration — of starlings swooping over a river. He also taught us a shiny new vocab word — say it with us now, “Mur-mur-ation.”

When their animal instincts are tending more figurative, the guys often tune into the stylings of Sondra Prill, a singer who had her own public access show in the late ’80s/early ’90s called My Show. Her off-key rendition of “Nasty” and classy furs will forever haunt our dreams.

Luckily, the band declined to emulate Prill on their new record, Beware and Be Grateful, out April 17.