WTF Wednesday: Mastodon Reads Missed Connections, Just Like You!

Posted April 18

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, in which bands tell us what the f**k they’re looking at online. This week, we hit up Mastodon, who proved to the crew over at the O Music Blog that metal stars are just like us! Yup, they troll Missed Connections — spring of eternal optimism/quiet desperation — too.

In addition to being ardent fans of Reddit — the picture stuff, they don’t truck with words — Mastodon‘s Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor are frequent visitors of Craigslist. Kelliher says that he digs the hilarity that is the Missed Connections section (where folks post about missed opportunities to hit on other folks) because “people are really sick out there. Really f**ked up. They’re really crazy in their heads.”

That reason is all well and good, but we think Kelliher and Dailor are really hoping that some day someone will write one to them. Take hearts, boys, this turn of events is wholly possible — especially when your T-shirt collection and mustache have their own fan pages.

Special guest videographer, Sean Gresens