30 Seconds To Mars, Neon Hitch, Radiohead & More Score Write-in Nominations

Posted May 31

Attention O Music Awards minions — I mean, fans… You’ve been hard at work for a week now, racking up millions of votes and writing in to nominate all those various and sundry artists/apps/etc that we failed to include in the first round of honorees. Well, we heard you — loud and clear — and we’ve gone ahead and rounded out the joint with NINE more nominees. Check out the full list after the jump and KEEP VOTING. The awards show goes down on June 27, and we expect your tired bones to continue clicking until the very last second.

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Best Artist With A Cameraphone

Rihanna: As NSFW as the work day is long, Rihanna’s Instagram feed would be prime tabloid fodder (topless shots, strip club jaunts and various, ahem, substances) if it weren’t for the fact that she’s providing the saucy photographic evidence all on her lonesome. And you thought “S&M” was daring.

Best Music App

Rdio: Web, mobile and tablet app Rdio has been a fan favorite for a while now due to its clean, sharp UI and super social nature. Still, the music subscription service refuses to rest on its ample laurels – just the other month Rdio unleashed a major revamp of its web and desktop apps focused even more on speed and usability. The formerly US-only company has also been expanding into even more international markets of late, sharing its sexy new look with our friends overseas.

Best Online Concert Experience

30 Seconds To Mars: 30 Seconds to Mars went all O Music Awards on us back in December, when they broke the Guinness World Record for the most shows performed during a single album cycle during a livestreamed show courtesy of social experience company VyRT and UStream. We’re sure that Echelon turned out in droves – both IRL and digitally – for this record-breaking attempt.

Digital Genius Award

Radiohead: One of the godfathers of the “pay what you want” album sales model, Radiohead offered up their 2007 album In Rainbows on their website and allowed fans to dictate the price. According to the album’s publisher, the band made more money before In Rainbows was physically released than they made in total on Hail To the Thief. The first time that a major album had been offered as such, the move served and continues to serve as an inspiration to other acts looking to break out of the traditional album sales system – some likely in this very category.

Fan Army FTW

Super Junior, “ELF”: The fans have spoken! Admirers of South Korean boy band Super Junior hit our nomination page HARD over the course of one week, campaigning for their dedicated following to be added to the Fan Army FTW category. Their moniker, “ELF,” stands for Ever Lasting Friends, which we think is pretty fitting. With friends like these, your enemies are totally toast.

Hottest Music NILF

Andreas Blixt, Developer at Spotify: Blixt nominated himself as “Hottest Music NILF.” This both worried and amused us, so we decided, “Why the hell not?”

Too Much Ass For TV

Neon Hitch, “Fuck U Betta”: Rated Too Much Ass For: The song title sums it up, basically.

Most Extreme Fan Outreach

Hoodie Allen: Before dropping his new EP, All American, ex Google employee/current rapper Hoodie Allen posted a letter to Facebook in which he promised to call anyone and everyone who purchased his new disc in its entirety. After the EP came out, he took to Ustream to live up to his promise. That’s some pretty rad customer service.

Most Innovative Music Video

J.Viewz “Rivers and Homes”: Technology: Stop-motion, taggable amazingness courtesy of Eran Amir, Directed by: Shelly Carmel