A Music App For Every Whim

Posted May 8

Are you the kind of person who requires a soundtrack befitting even your most mundane of moments? “Taking Out The Trash Thrashing Tunes,” “Working Out Dubstep Wub Wub Wub,” “Creeping On This Chick Chill Choral Jams”? Although it’s certainly possible to spend the majority of your day toiling over the perfect mix, there are tons of tools out there on the market that make it easy to create the perfect accompaniment to everything from making pasta to making out. Read on and give your inner Rob Gordon a rest.

1). When You Want To Sweat

Impelling oneself to work out can be challenging — there’s the sweating, the unflattering spandex clothing, the crushing, crushing shame that engulfs you when you’re unable to complete a single mile on the treadmill. And, on top of it all, the music that most gyms blast from their ancient, crackling speakers — for lack of a better word — sucks. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were privy to a service featuring curated tunes specifically designed to get you motivated — without destroying your ears? Enter FIT Radio, an app for iOS and Android that brings professionally DJ’d tunes to your treadmill. There are no ads nor clunky transitions between tunes, which means there’s basically no excuse to skip your workout now.

3). When You Want To Eat

By now we’re all pretty familiar with the concept of “dinner music” — unobtrusive tunes restaurants pipe in to augment the oh-so-important “atmosphere” of the space. But what about cooking music? The act of mashing potatoes and sizzling steaks is a lot less somnambulant than shoveling the finished product into your mouth hole. That’s where Foodbeats comes in. The website — which sadly only works in UK and Ireland — is designed to provide you with the perfect playlist for whatever recipe you’re whipping up. Simply type in what you plan on preparing and and the site will use Last.fm’s technology to serve up relevant songs. It also taps into the recipe network Foodily to suggest specific recipes and tips, as well as determine the length of your playlist (based on cooking time). Now if only it could cook dinner for us.

4). When You Want To Feel Really Uncomfortable

For some reason, people keep creating music hacks that tell you what music was playing when you were conceived: The Byrds and the Beegees and Soundtrack Of You have you creepily covered in that department.

5). If You Want To… All of The Above

Too lazy to go forth and download a ton of apps? Well, Songza’s new Concierge makes it really easy to find playlists to suit your every activity. For those not in the know, Songza is a free streaming music app for iOS, Kindle Fire and Android that focuses on playlist creation and curation, rather than straight-up on-demand music listening (like Spotify) or the passive listen-to-this-because-you-like-that experience of Pandora.

Concierge, which recently rolled out on Songza’s web product, is Songza’s latest innovation for iOS. It works thusly: Upon opening the app, Concierge ascertains what day and time it is and offers up a variety of activities that you could be undertaking at that time. For example, “It’s Wednesday afternoon. Play music for”: 1). Work or Study (no lyrics), 2). Work or Study (with lyrics), 3). An Energy Boost, 4). Epic Walking, 5). Exploring Obscure Sounds, 6). Popular Games. Being bleary-eyed and irked, you choose “An Energy Boost.” From there, it drills down to even more options, giving you a list of genres to choose from. You choose “Rowdy Rock,” and the app spits out three playlists in that genre. Voila! Instant pick-me-up.

Image courtesy of Flickr, ShuttrKing|KT