And The Nominees For Best Artist With A Cameraphone Are…

Posted May 18

Can’t stop, won’t stop — we have a whole new passel of nominees for you! The “Best Artist With A Cameraphone” category is back, replete with 10 muso shutterbugs with some serious photosnapping skills.

On June 27, the O Music Awards will return in the form of a cross-country road trip through the American South, during which we’ll be doling out awards, rocking out and breaking a pretty ambitious Guinness World Record: The Most Live Concerts in 24 Hours, Multiple Cities. We’ve enlisted the aid of one intrepid band who will be overseeing the festivities, as well as breaking a world record currently held by Jay-Z. Watch it all from any screen, from the comfort of your own cave.

Find out who the band in question is on May 23, as well as our full list of categories and nominees. At that point, you can start casting your votes!

The meantime, check out our list of top phone photogs below. If your favorite is missing from the fray, don’t fret — you’ll be able to start submitting write-in nominees at on May 23 as well.

1. Ed Droste: Although his Instagram profile clearly states, “I’m not a photographer,” Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear has one of the most visually stunning accounts in the game. He routinely takes amazing snaps of his myriad travels, giving us all a serious case of wanderlust – and shutterbug envy. No matter how many filters we employ, our living room will never look as good as Mexico.

2. Soulja Boy: Soulja Boy has one of the most dedicated fan followings on Instagram – folks flood every snap (usually of his clothes or weed or both) with comments pleading with the rapper to follow them back. Judging by the lather many a follower gets worked up into over the rapper’s abs, we imagine a Soulja Boy followback = a cracked iPhone screen (due to all the fainting and whatnot).

3. MC Hammer: From flashback snaps to pictures with other artists and family, Hammer is an avid phone photog who never floods his feed with useless pics of food or pets – it’s all about the music. Still, it’s not all business all the time – Hammer once posted a self portrait (decked out in his signature Hammer pants) that was rendered on Draw Something. Pretty socially savvy for a legend, huh?

4. Blood Orange: Rising star Dev Hynes draws an enviable portrait of his life on Instagram, sharing snaps of friends (often indie band stars like Aaron Pfenning, formerly of Chairlift) and plenty of fashionable ladies. We want to go to there.

5. Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber’s Instagram account was the first to reach one million followers. Enough said.

6. Greg Puciato (of Dillinger Escape Plan): This feed is packed with enough stage dives for a lifetime – looking at it is like moshing without all the bruises.

7. Kreayshawn: Kreayshawn’s photo feed fits her personality to a T – packed with fashion, weird shizz and crazy snaps from tour. She could go a little heavier on the Gucci, Gucci, though.

8. Theophilus London: Swag fashion and tons of grills – and that’s that.

9. Selena Gomez: This Instagram feed is full of pretty pics of Selena and her friends. Bieber fans are sure to glimpse of their idol as well, so the Beliebers would do well to make Gomez the next account to reach a million.

10. YACHT: YACHT describes themselves thusly: “YACHT is a Band, Belief System, and Business conducted by Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans of Marfa, Texas and Portland, Oregon, USA.” So, naturally, their photo feed is a wonderful weird fest – with triangles!

Image courtesy of Flickr, sheldonschwartz