Find Love On Spotify With Two New Dating Apps

Posted May 10

Are you one of those people — you know that upper echelon of music snob who is so obsessed with jams that s/he would never dream of dating someone who characterizes their musical tastes as “everything by country and rap”? Well, we hear you. We’re like that, too. Which is why we’re pretty fascinated by a pair of dating apps that Spotify recently introduced into its ecosystem: and Fellody. launched as a dating site a couple of years ago in the UK, helping users find potential matches via musical taste. Just enter in a few favorite bands and/or your username, and the site matches you up with mates who have similar taste in tunes.

The Spotify app, however, is a bit more robust. If you don’t already have a Tastebuds account, you can check out the scene before you sign up. The app scans your playlists and listening history and provides you with a list of beaus in your area — you can adjust age, gender and zip code. As a non-member, you won’t be able to see full user info. If you like what you see, you can either connect to your pre-existing profile or create one from scratch, including bio, basic stats, photos and what you’re currently listening to. You can then scan the goods.

Clicking on a match yields the aforementioned profile, but also common artists with playable tracks. You can also check out his or her favorite bands, and listen right in-app. (It’s like s/he made you a mixtape before even meeting you!) If you like what you see, you can send your swain a message — or a mixtape using Spotify’s playlist feature.

When I first checked out Tastebuds in 2010, I thought it was a cool idea, but lacked a significant userbase — aside from in the UK. Now, it seems, users are flooding in. Co-founder Alex Parish reports 1,000 new registrations in the last 10 hours. Spotify has millions of international users, so Tastebuds’ visibility has naturally skyrocketed. In my own test, I saw many more matches in the New York area than I did even a few weeks ago when I revisited the app for another article, so it seems the interest is definitely there.

Hence the presence of yet another music-matching service, Fellody — an app that focuses on making all sorts of social connections related to music (not just love connections). When you create an account via the website, you can start fleshing out your profile by adding a bio, basic stats, snaps and information about your music library. Users can install a client that scans their iTunes etc, and/or pull in info from Spotify and/or Users cannot, however, manually enter favorite artists. According to TechCrunch, this is to weed out poseurs.

Once you’re up and running, you can check out matches, send messages and make folks your “groupies” (an approximation of a friend on Facebook).

The Spotify app is basically a stripped-down version of the website: add playlists to find matches, scan your future BFs/GFs and listen to their tunes, check out the most popular artists among members — and that’s about all she wrote.

In terms of aesthetics, Tastebuds is the more attractive of the two — but looks (much like taste in dates and music) is subjective, so choose the service that jibes with you. And don’t forget to invite us to the wedding. We’re sure the reception jams will be rad.

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