Kreayshawn Wants To See What You Had For Breakfast

Posted May 25

Everyone knows that Instagram is basically for sharing pictures of pets, babies and food — well, now you can put your snacky snaps to good use, thanks to Best Artist With A Cameraphone nominee Kreayshawn.

Kreayshawn is heralding the release of her new single “Breakfast (Syrup)” by asking her fans to take pics of their morning meal using Instagram and Twitter and tag them with #BREAKFASTLYFE. Those pictures will be added to a special photo album on the singer’s Facebook page.

It’s not the newest idea in the world — bands (like Twin Atlantic, for example) regularly collect snaps from fans via hashtag — but it is pretty fun to check out all the pics of what fans consumed this a.m. Except for whoever only ate Altoids Smalls. We hate you.

The new song is embedded below. What did you eat for b’fast this morning?

Image courtesy of Facebook, Kreayshawn