Music & Tech Around The Web: Deezer, Viddy & K-Pop Thrive

Posted May 10

Time to get some link learnin’, kids. Head on down below the jump for a passel of pertinent music & tech news.

* Most parody raps are better left un-rapped: Nokia’s Lumia Rap Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Music, Gadgets, and the World

* Video-sharing apps are soooo hot right now. Get on it:How to Get Started With Viddy

* Again, still no U.S. launch in sight: Deezer teams up with indie rights agency Merlin to provide access to even more music

* Scrobble over the place: How to scrobble to from iTunes, Spotify, and more

* It’s about to (K) pop off: YouTube Presents K-Pop stars in Mountain View, California

* We love us some World Records!: Meet Tom Schaar, 12-Year-Old Skateboarding Prodigy