Music & Tech Around The Web: Gotye Lip Dub, iHeartRadio Update & Not Blood Paint’s New Song

Posted May 4

It’s Friday, freak the eff out! But before you do, here’s some cool things that are bopping ’round the web today in the music & tech world.

* Puppies & babies. Babies & puppies. Done: Justin Bieber Thinks He Knows What Will Go Viral

* iHeartRadio hearts tablets: iHeartRadio for iPad Embraces its Inner Pandora

* Holy sound!: Founder Of SoundCloud Creates Music Using Churches As A Sample Source

* Not Blood Paint will be performing at Unboxed in New York City this Sunday: Not Blood Paint’s Maddening “Birdstrike” — Song Premiere

* Music be everywhere: 3 Insights Into Future Of Geosocial Music