Music & Tech Around The Web: Kitty Pryde Blows Up, Viddy Gets Cash & Spotify Gets Updated

Posted May 11

It’s Friday. Rebecca Black has a new video and the aforementioned day (the song version, that is) has a sequel. But we’re not getting into that here. Check out some hot, hot links and zone OUT.

* Spotify gets a little freshen-up: Spotify launches slew of new features: Radio stations based on playlists, embed buttons & more

* We get it. Viddy is the next Instagram — but for video: Viddy Confirms $30M Round From NEA, Goldman, Khosla & Battery Ventures

* This O Music Award nominee got a bit of a makeover: Great Music Discovery Is The Order Of The Day In Recently Updated Band Of The Day

* So… basically… we’ll all eventually live within a Facebook-spun virtual world: Facebook Begins Rolling Out Its Own App Store [Updates]

* An online star is born: If Tumblr Could Sing, It Would Sound Like This