Music & Tech Around The Web: Lil B Gets Classic, Google Gets Moog & More

Posted May 23

We know you’re all still positively reeling from the announcements we dropped on you last night — The Flaming Lips! Many, many rad nominees! — but the world is still turning and news is constantly being churned out. Luckily, a lot of the cool stuff we found today is related to our nominees. Two birds, meet one stone. BAM!

* Oh, Lil B, you’re amazing — and an O Music Award nominee!: Lil B Releases “Classical Music” Album

* Oh man, this is almost as cool as the playable guitar doodle: Google Adds Working Moog Synthesizer To Homepage – #Awesome

* TRAGEDY: Rickroll Meme Destroyed By Copyright Takedown

* O Music Award nominee Pandora Inside The Music has launched their exploration of R&B: Pandora Inside the Music

* NEW iamamiwhoami. Creepy title: Kill