Music & Tech Around The Web: Little Monsters get Social, You Get New Tunes & More

Posted May 24

With the holiday weekend drawing ever so near, you might be tempted to just turn off your mind and drift away into a sea of malaise. Resist! We have a healthy store of links below to get your proverbial juices coursing.

* Super obscure? It must be cool: A Streaming Music Service You’ve Never Heard Of Has 10.5 Million Active Users

* Where’s my Yelp for Tokio Hotel? Or Bing for One Direction? C’mon, developers — get on this: Little Monsters is Pinterest for Lady Gaga Fans

* Need new music? You really have no excuse: 6 Spotify Apps for Finding New Music

* Aren’t all nightclubs 3D?: Shaker’s 3D Meetup Spot To Rock North America At June 8th Launch With Live Nation, BandPage

* RAD: Daft Punk – “Aerodynamic” (Moog Google Doodle Remix)