Music & Tech Around The Web: Pandora Proposals, Elite Subscription Services & More

Posted May 16

They say that no news is good news — we beg to differ. We’ve got a wondrous assortment of story morsels below that will keep you sated for the next — oh, let’s say 20 minutes? Enjoy!

* Social listening is still very much a “thing”: Myxer Hits 1 Millionth Install, Hopes To Bring Style Social Listening To Masses

* And so are subscription music services: remixes music industry models with its new members-only platform

* And so are rad, unconventional ways of making music: Bricolo mechanical music system hand-on (video)

* And proposing in weird ways: Nothing Says “I’m a Nerd and I Love You” Like a Pandora Radio Marriage Proposal

* And kids rocking out: How To Wake Up A Kid

Yup. All is right with the world today.