Music & Tech Around The Web: People Heart Radio, Pharrell Gets Social & Arnold Gets Remixed

Posted May 17

Anyone else wake up thinking it was Friday? Cruel surprise, no? Oh, well, nurse your wounds with this fine collection of links — you likely tuned out for the week sometime around noontime yesterday, so it’s not like you’re doing anything.

* It’s like a will-call reckoning: A Band Battles Ticketmaster on Sales Fees

* Apparently, a lot of people heart radio: iHeartRadio Hits 10 Million Users Faster Than Facebook or Twitter

* The site is apparently called, “i am Other.” How very philosophical: Pharrell Launches Social Media Platform for Artists

* First Bear in Heaven launched that super long album stream, now this: Hear Sigur Ros’ new album right here at 7pm tonight

* Donald Glover went a little Kanye on Twitter before dropping a new track: Childish Gambino streams new track, ‘We Ain’t Them’

* Sure, why not?: Could Remixing Schwarzenegger’s Cheesy One Liners Make Awesome Music?