Music & Tech Around the Web: Songkick Gets Tool-y, Pepsi Doles Out Tunes & More

Posted May 30

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s almost Thursday, which everyone knows is the “New Friday,” so it’s basically the weekend. Yay! Now read some links to celebrate.

* Because no one’s gonna come to your show if they don’t know it’s happening. And even then… eh: Songkick’s Tourbox Makes It Easier For Musicians To Trumpet Their Concerts Across The Web

* The more caffeinated you get, the more you want to dance: Pepsi to Provide Free Music Downloads on Twitter

* The most exciting collab since White and ICP: Beck – “I Just Started Hating Some People Today” (Feat. Jack White)

* One more subscription service for good measure: Another Spotify-Like Music Service, This Time For The Middle East

* Forget recycling; this is cooler: Enchanting Papercraft Stop Motion Music Video