Take A Music Lesson From Your Favorite Warped Tour Performer With Bandhappy

Posted May 30

Ever dreamed of taking a music lesson from a member of your favorite band? Well, now you can — if your favorite band is a part of Warped Tour. O Music Award nominee Bandhappy is teaming up with the tour to provide fans with access to acts like Yellowcard, We Are The In Crowd and Anti-Flag so as to reap their musical knowledge.

For those not familiar, Bandhappy is a nominee for “Best Music Teacher Replacement” in this edition of the O Music Awards. The service helps link up music teachers and students (both in real life and in video chatrooms).

According to founder (and Periphery drummer) Matt Halpern, Bandhappy hooked up with the Warped Tour last year. The crew over there apparently embraced the concept immediately. “It allows musicians that are in touring bands a platform to use to teach fans and other musicians as a way to supplement their income,” Halpern says of the music lesson site.

“Warped Tour really liked this tour lesson idea that we had been pushing out. For example — I play in the band Periphery — I teach students that are fans of my band in every city I go to.”

While Halpern teaches wherever is convenient — on the bus, in the greenroom, etc — Bandhappy’s presence at Warped Tour will be much more organized. They plan to have a tent on site packed with instruments (generously provided by a host of sponsors) where lessons can take place. Students can either register beforehand on the site, or sign up at the fest. Prices per lesson range from $25 to $60. Bandhappy also plans to extend this service to other festivals and shows.

Side(personal)note: If you’re looking to start an instrument, I cannot recommend taking a lesson from a band you admire more. I took a drum lesson from Christopher Powell from Man Man (he regularly teaches when he travels) in LA and immediately signed up for weekly lessons at a drum school back in New York. It’s extremely inspiring to get tips from someone you watch on stage/listen to daily. So if you have the chance, definitely take it Warped Tour-goers.

Image courtesy of Flickr, eddie.welker