SoundCloud Launches Redesigned Web App [LIVE BLOG]

Posted May 9

SoundCloud — winner of the O Music Award for Best Music App — is primed to make some sort of announcement Wednesday at 1pm EST. We’re not sure what the popular sound-sharing platform has in store, but we’ll be watching the exclusive livestream and recording what goes down below. Tune in at 1pm for all the details.

1:00pm — Off to a rocky start… Having some issues getting into the stream. Oh! We’re in!

Buffering… Buffering… Buffering…

Oh good, we missed the beginning. No worries, they’re just talking about how a lot of famous people use the service. And by “they” I mean Founder Alexander Ljung (nominee for Hottest Music NILF).

1:06pm — Ljung is talking about how sound is a very important part of our experience of the world. We’re also spending more and more time on the web. “The problem is the web is very quiet…. We want to get to a world where there is as much richness of sound online as off…. [We want to] unmute the Web.”

SoundCloud’s 15 million users want more, Ljung says.

Here it comes… The news. “The Next SoundCloud.” It’s a from scratch, redesigned version of the Web app launching in private Beta today.

Here come the features…

1). The signature waveform is more prominent.
2). Redesigned profiles
3). More sharing — launching reposts. So you can repost sounds to your profile
4). Real-time notifications
5). Launching continuous play — so you can listen to sounds while surfing the rest of the site
6). Launching “Sets,” people can create collections of sounds they enjoy
7). Revamped search to make it easier to find sound
8). Revamped menus

“And it’s gorgeous,” Ljung says.

1:14pm – Demo time! I wish everyone could see this, but I suppose they’ll release a video later. Oh, it’s pretty! “It’s much more app-like,” co-founder Eric Wahlforss says.

The waveforms are beautiful! They’re demo’ing continuous play.

It’s hard to describe everything we’re seeing without trying it ourselves. We’ll have more info once we get our hands on that private beta!

Here’s a few screenshots. Keep an eye out for a full review! You can sign up for private beta here.