WTF Wednesday: Neon Hitch Is Into Instagram

Posted May 16

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, where bands tell us what the f**k they’re looking at online. This week, we hit up singer Neon Hitch, who — in addition to sporting sunglasses we wanted to steal off her face — told us what she digs looking at online.

“I love Instagram, Instagram is an amazing thing,” says the singer, who flashed the profiles of her friends The Knocks and Poison Ivory. She also told us how much she dug Jay-Z’s livestreamed performance at SXSW. Two hot techie trends in one interview? Hitch is definitely ahead of the curve.

Speaking of curves, we highly suggest checking out her video for “FU Betta.” “It’s quite dirty — I’m warning you,” Neon Hitch says. No, really?