WTF Wednesday: The Flaming Lips Will Tweet You For Help

Posted May 23

Welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday, where bands tell us what the f**k they’re looking at online. This week, we caught up with Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips, who told us all about his love for that crazy little thing called Twitter.

In case you missed it, Coyne and the Lips will be joining us for O Music Awards III, setting out on a 24-hour, cross-country road trip during which they’ll attempt to break the world record for the Most Live Shows in 24 Hours (multiple cities).

An avid Twitterer (and past nominee for Must Follow Artist On Twitter), Coyne told us that the microblogging site has gotten the band out of a few jams in its time. “The most useful part of it to me is that we’re traveling around and sometimes we’re going someplace where we just don’t know anybody — we just don’t know what’s going on. And within a couple of minutes someone is going to come to your rescue.”

Hear that, kids? We recommend following @WayneCoyne and @TheFlamingLips on June 27 when the O Music Awards kicks off — he’ll probably need ample help whilst mucking around out on the road with us!