Invite-Only Shopping Site Lets You Dress Like Asher Roth Today

Posted June 11

Want to dress like rapper Asher Roth while simultaneously listening to Asher Roth jams? Well, you’re in luck, thanks to a recent collaboration between Roth and members-only shopping site, Jack Threads.

Mens clothing site Jack Threads has been getting musical lately, partnering with the likes of J. Cole, Girl Talk, Switchfoot and, of course, Roth, to offer users limited edition merch from the artists, as well as exclusive tunes. Roth’s line of “Summer Essentials” is available until the end of the day today, and those who purchase threads will score a free download of the Chuck Inglish-produced b-side “Space.”

“I take a lot of cues from Tim Allen and Bill Murray,” Roth replied when asked about his style icons — a semi-joke, considering the Asher Roth line includes both graphic Ts and old-man-turned-hipster staples like boat shoes and button-up shirts buttoned all the way up.

Roth — who usually steps out in sweatshirts and basketball shorts — models the looks himself on the site and recommends that buyers listen to his tunes whilst wearing his clothing line, a fitting call to action since the outfits (created by Roth and Jack Threads’ in-house designer) were inspired by his upcoming album, Is This Too Orange.

The idea of an artist having his/her own clothing line is by no means a new phenomenon (Best Coast just partnered with Urban Outfitters, Jay-Z has Rocawear, etc etc) and giving away tunes with clothes is also nothing novel (anyone else still have those Delia*s Mix CDs from the ’90s?) but the specificity of this merger is pretty interesting. The name of the game here seems to be access, as Jack Threads is targeted toward young men and requires an invite to join, and you must purchase clothes to get tunes. Roth is creating a certain kind of image by partnering with such a site, one that — hopefully — his fans will want to emulate.

When asked how he felt about the fact that a whole passel of dudes will soon be cribbing his style, however, Roth simply replied: “You wear the clothes. Don’t let the clothes wear you.”

Check out the video below to see Roth demonstrate just that: