Fan Army Manifestos: Tokio Hotel’s “Aliens”

Posted June 18

After two straight cycles of completely trouncing their competition for the O Music Award for Fan Army FTW, Tokio Hotel’s Aliens are back, their aching, spasming clicking fingers nearly bleeding into the cracks of their keyboards for all the voting they’ve been doing. Can they remain victorious for the third time in a row? Well, according to the cadre of Aliens that we interviewed, they’re pretty confident that their troops will prevail.

The O Music Awards’ Fan Army FTW category is among the most popular in our stable of illustrious awards. Over the next few days, we’ll be introducing you, the readers, to the denizens of said fan armies. We’ve already unveiled an ample supply of dedicated super fans, and today it’s the Aliens’ turn to sound off.

Check out their Fan Army Manifesto above and keep it here all week long for more music-induced mania.