Fan Army Manifestos: 2NE1′s “Blackjacks”

Posted June 15

Being a member of a fan army takes immense dedication — the ability to withstand long ticket lines, the courage to stand up to vicious haters and, sometimes, the drive to power through massive time differences so as to catch even the briefest online glimpse of the adored band in question. Such is the case for the Blackjacks, fans of a K-Pop band that’s really popping off: 2NE1.

The O Music Awards’ Fan Army FTW category is among the most popular in our stable of illustrious awards. Over the next few days, we’ll be introducing you, the readers, to the denizens of said fan armies. We’ve already unveiled an ample supply of dedicated super fans, and today it’s the Blackjacks’ turn to be heard.

Check out their Fan Army Manifesto above and keep it here all week long for more music-induced mania.