Fan Army Manifestos: Adam Lambert’s “Glamberts”

Posted June 20

Adam Lambert may not have come in in first place on American Idol, but his consolation prize was undoubtedly the unconditional love of his myriad fainting fans. The Glamberts — who come in all sizes, ages and genders — are a dedicated bunch, which is why they were a shoo-in to be nominated for Fan Army FTW.

The O Music Awards’ Fan Army FTW category is among the most popular in our stable of illustrious awards. Over the next few days, we’ll be introducing you, the readers, to the denizens of said fan armies. We’ve already unveiled an ample supply of dedicated super fans, and today the Glamberts have something to say.

Check out their Fan Army Manifesto above and keep it here all week long for more music-induced mania.