Karaoke Hack Makes Improving Your Typing Fun

Posted June 11

Anyone else remember computer classes of the bygone days? Classes in which you were tasked with improving your typing skills via colorful computer programs featuring cats, boats and all manner of tomfoolery? Or am I really old? Let’s pretend you all answered in the affirmative to the first question, because in that case I have a little hack that should be right up your alley: Typing Karaoke.

Typing Karaoke — developed by Travis Chen — was the grand prize winner at last weekend’s Hollywood Hack Day. Using APIs from MusixMatch and Rdio, as well as the Flixel Flash game engine, Chen created an approximation of typing games of old — using music. Fire up a song and start typing along to the lyrics. Faster songs are obviously more difficult and will therefore be easier for speedier typers. We suggest warming up with some Bon Iver.

The game is not yet live or functional, but we’re looking forward to the day when we can test our skills against the likes of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” Much more fun than cats and boats, am I right?

Image courtesy of Flickr, Brett Jordan