Karmin Will Play The O Music Awards Southern Style

Posted June 26

Best Web-Born Artist nominee Karmin may have just been added to the bill of the O Music Awards, but they’re already planning their outfits for the upcoming show. Hint: There may be cowboy boots.

The next O Music Awards is kicking off on June 27 at 7:30pm EST in Memphis, Tennessee, and will stretch across 24 hours and 8 cities in the form of a road trip. In addition to giving away awards and the like, we’ve also enlisted The Flaming Lips to break the Guinness World Record for the most live concerts in 24 hours (multiple city) during the show, as well as an eclectic selection of performers to play with/open for the band. Karmin will be playing a special set during the course of the 24 hours when the caravan stops at a pretty legendary locale!

Check out our Q&A with Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan below. We discuss, music, technology and, of course, big, big hair.

Before you got involved in the show, what did you think about your nomination?

Amy: We were pretty overwhelmed, actually. I mean it feels like we’ve been online artists for quite a while now, but in reality it has only been like a couple of years that we’ve been posting videos and using Twitter and Facebook to reach our fans directly. And we are so honored whenever we’re commended in that area.

And do you think you are going to win? What’s your prediction?

Amy: Oh my gosh. I mean, there are some amazing people nominated with us and we never get our hopes up like that. So obviously we’ve been kind of whoring it out to our fans, making them vote for us and stuff, so our fingers are crossed.

Have you planned out what you are going to play yet?

Amy: Not yet. We were thinking of just asking the fans, you know? If it comes together, we will obviously just ask them. We love taking requests too, so if you guys have any suggestions let us know.

That’s great that you are going to ask your fans, too. Will you use Twitter or Facebook? What will you use?

Amy: We use Twitter a lot more frequently these days. I think just because you can automatically post something really quick. With Facebook we kind of do one post a day so that it’s not overwhelming to everybody. It’s just the way that each of the platforms work, but probably via Twitter would be best. But maybe Instagram. Sometimes we use like a creative photo and ask people to vote on there, too.

What do you think about the fact that you guys are going to be meeting Wayne and the Lips right after you play?

Amy: It’s going to be pretty crazy. I mean, we’re just honored and feel bad because we just got the details recently. But I mean, what a great way to kind of sum up our year.

You guys are usually pretty fashionable when you play. Do you have any Southern attire picked out?

Nick: Southern attire picked out. See, I wish I could rock cowboy boots. I am really pretty sure I cannot. But we will see. Maybe I will throw on a nice little hat or something. Actually I’ll have Amy answer that, too.

Amy: Oh my gosh. We were literally just watching music videos yesterday looking for inspiration for our next music video that we are shooting in a couple of weeks. And there was a Madonna video with Western-inspired stuff. What was the name of that song? Oh my gosh! It was sweet! She was line dancing in the video. It was wild. There is a way that you can rock Western style that is really modern. It doesn’t have to feel cowboy. You can use little pieces of that in your style. Now for us it might be difficult because we already have the retro thing going on. But we were thinking about incorporating some of that.

You’ll have to have really big hair for this one.

Amy: Oh my gosh. That’s not a problem.

Have you guys spent a lot of time in the South?

Amy: We did actually. I think it was right after we did Saturday Night Live. We went on a little bit of a radio promotional tour and we hit all of the Southern states. I’m from Nebraska so we had done some vacations in the South before, but I don’t think Nick had really seen the South and all the cool traditions and different things. Just the differences in the culture and the ways that people treat you down there is crazy. But it was fun to watch him do that and watch him enjoy some of the foods for the first time.

What else do you guys have coming up after the show?

Amy: I believe we are flying in from one part of the country to see you guys or to perform for you guys then we are headed to another part of the country. I mean it’s sort of like a jump around doing these radio festivals right now. And I know we hit the UK, actually, shortly after that. So it’s going to be a lot of frequent flyer miles happening around that time. Which is good.

Are you working on new music?

Amy: Oooh, that’s a good question. Are we working on new music? Nick is excited! He will literally write songs on airplanes, like with his headphones on and a laptop. And we have a lot of new exciting music. I mean our album has only been out for about a month so we are obviously still letting people enjoy that. And we are starting to show up at these performances and people are singing all the words back to us, which is wild. But I think it’s time for some new music relatively soon.

And are you still sticking to hip-hop? Are you going to branch out? Maybe into country western?

Amy: You know we have… I get this a lot that the ballad on the album, a song called “Coming Up Strong,” a lot of people say that could be country. It’s kind of Lady Antebellum, but obviously there is rapping on it, so who knows what category that is going to fit into. But we do have stuff that does have kind of that Western influence. Some of the best lyric writing in my opinion is in country music.

That’s pretty cool. And are you going to be busting out some rapping this time around?

Amy: Yeah! That’s one thing that we kind of love — blending the genres together. Really catchy choruses, somewhat clever lyrics and obviously the rapping in there somewhere. And if not, something urban like horn sections or big drums.

Well, I guess the last question is: What are you going to do to prepare for this show?

Amy: Oh my goodness. Well this is definitely going to be unique to any show that we’ve ever done. One thing that we always do before shows is pray in a group in our band. We do this thing, Nick and I back and forth, where we say ‘Yeah!’ 10 times. Just out loud. We sound like crazy people. And we shake our fist while we do it.

Image courtesy of Facebook, Karmin