Miracles Of Modern Science Cover “Call Me Maybe”

Posted June 20

For anyone out there who has been studiously avoiding Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and its many, many covers: It’s time to open your highly discerning ears. O Music Award nominees Miracles of Modern Science are out with a classical cover of the jam that’s worth extracting the wads of cotton for.

These Best Web-Born Artist nominees have gone viral before — namely back in January when they released a cover of a Bon Jovi jam in the style of Bon Iver under the moniker “Bon Joviver.” They also played at our first and second O Music Awards Unboxed events, as well as kept an online tour diary on our blog while traveling to SXSW.

Apparently, they haven’t been resting on the laurels of their Web stardom. “We tend to over-think our own songs,” says the band’s Josh Hirshfeld of the Jepsen cover. “We spend an exceptionally long time writing and tweaking them before we’re ready to call them complete — literally years for some of the songs on Dog Year. Every now and then, it’s fun to get out of that cycle and just bang out a cover in a few days. Since most of the covers on YouTube [of 'Call Me Maybe'] right now are lip-syncs, we thought it’d be good to put our own MOMS-y spin on it. Plus, we’ll take any excuse to get shirtless on camera.”

Check out the video below and let us know: Better than the original?