Music & Tech Around The Web: Samples On-The-Go, A Case For Vinyl & More

Posted June 19

Did someone says “links?” We didn’t think so. Either way, here’s a whole heap of them for you discerning music and tech folks out there.

* Needed: How To Identify, Unfriend Nickelback Fans on Facebook

* This sample database has gone mobile: WhoSampled Analyzes Your Favorite Songs And Reveals Their DNA

* Me? I play the iPhone: Ocarina 2, Electric Boogaloo: Now It Teaches You To Play

* Because having a lot of vinyl makes you look more rock ‘n’ roll than toting around a massive external harddrive?: Why Vinyl? A Reasonable Request to Cut Back on mp3s

* We’ll take this challenge: World Record: Most Costume Changes in a One-Take Music Video

* Nominee for Most Adorable Viral star? We didn’t think so: The Best Nicki Minaj Impression You’ll Ever See