Now You Can Listen To Soundcloud Jams Within Twitter

Posted June 13

Well here’s an interesting little development: Wednesday, Twitter rolled out new expanded tweets to select partners — including Soundcloud — that allow users to access more data and media without having to click through.

In the past, you could expand tweets to check out videos from YouTube or to look at photos, but now you can get story previews, playable streams and more courtesy of partners like the The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC’s Breaking News, TIME, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Der Spiegel Online, Buzzfeed, TMZ and Soundcloud.

When you expand a tweet from a news source, you’ll be able to read the top of the story and click through for more info if you’re into the content. In essence, this feature renders Twitter extremely similar to Google Reader, which should be useful to news junkies and journalists.

Music lovers, however, will likely be more into the Soundcloud integration. Now, when you post a link from the music-sharing site, your followers can listen to the tune via a drop-down card in their Twitter streams. No more clicking through to Soundcloud. We can see this being a boon to artists as well, since future fans are likely more willing to listen to a tune if they don’t have to navigate away to another site.

The feature is not yet live for everyone, but you can see an example of what it will look like above.