Score New Tunes & Win A Trip To The Arctic Circle With This Interactive Video

Posted June 14

When you hear a single that you’re into, you’re apt to listen to it on loop — engraining every note and nuance into your feverish brainpan. Well, what if you could also hone your hand-eye coordination whilst listening to said single, and thereby potentially score a trip to an exotic (and frosty) locale? Well, then, you’d likely be really into Swedish band The Amplifetes’ video game/music video for “Where Is The Light,” the first single off of an upcoming album by the same name.

“We’ve always been friends with the digital era,” says the band’s Henrik Jonback. “It’s hard to find new ways to explore our music and [the game] felt like a fun way of interacting with our fans, instead of the traditional music video.”

The game — which the guys created with help from creative team LorentznQuiroz — is located on the band’s Facebook page, as well as on a dedicated website. Simply log in with Facebook or your email address and commence playing. The conceit is pretty simple: Fly through a space-like atmosphere (reminiscent of the graphics in Bjork’s Biophilia app) and use your arrow keys to capture triangles of light as they fly toward you. Once you’ve finished playing, you can “Like” the band on Facebook to score a free download of the danceable-yet-dark song “Where Is The Light,” which plays throughout the game.

While playing, you can also click a button reading “Broadcast With Love” to suggest a friend play as well. The option allows you to include a secret message to your pal that will be revealed as your friend plays the game. This function will likely net the band more fans: As people share the game with friends, they’re also sharing the band’s music.

“It’s not just about catching the triangles.” Jonback says of the game. “It’s also a way for the fans to find us.”

Those who are especially proficient at catching triangles will score more than just a free download: Players who have garnered the most light bars by the end of 2012 will win a trip to The Arctic Circle.

“Our country [Sweden] is part of the Arctic Circle,” Jonback says. “It’s dark in the winters and it’s daylight 24 hours a day now when it’s summertime, so it’s really twisted. I guess that applies to the creation of music coming from Sweden — it’s a special climate for music. It feels like it’s all connected.”

The band’s own album was created in a rather unique way — using an old mixing console that Pink Floyd employed when recording Animals and The Wall. According to the band’s Peter Ågren, this analogue method of making music was pretty new for the band. When it first formed, the guys had yet to meet one of their members, Tommy Spaanheden, who lives in a different town. Consequently, they worked on their first record, The Amplifetes, remotely and used the Web and digital tools to compose the whole thing.

This time around, the guys only turned to the computer when it came time to edit the album — and to create their interactive music video, of course. They plan to release an iPhone app version of “Where Is The Light” soon.