Visit Club 53 — A Virtual Hangout For Shut-ins

Posted June 7

Agoraphobes rejoice! On Friday — you know, the night everyone else usually goes out — you can party at da club without even going outside. And it’s all thanks to a service called Shaker, a virtual environment company that will be launching a hotspot called Club 53 tomorrow — on Facebook.

At exactly 7:53pm PST Friday (get it?) a virtual venue will open its doors(?) on Facebook, allowing users to meet friends old and new, drink (we’re assuming) virtual cocktails and just generally have a simulated-yet-rockin’ good time.

The club is the brainchild of Shaker, an Israeli startup that replicates real-life experiences online. The company won big at 2011′s Tech Crunch Disrupt, the publication describing it as “a mixture of Second Life, The Sims, and all mixed together using your Facebook data and connections.”

So how exactly does it work? Well, we’re not sure yet — the fun doesn’t start until tomorrow night. Right now, you can sign in via the website or Facebook app and create a custom album cover from your Facebook data (see mine above). But that’s all she wrote. (Incidentally, I posted my album to Facebook and now my friends are feverishly creating their own. So if anything, that part of the app is fun.)

Apparently, tomorrow any users over 18 will be able to join a raging party featuring Far East Movement, and on later dates Mayday Parade, Escape The Fate and Daniel Bedingfield. According to a release the experience of chilling in the club goes thusly: “Your Facebook profile gets arms and legs and takes the form of a ‘shaker.’ You’ll enter a space created from the ground up to be fun, social and downright serendipitous – much like a real life outing. You’ll be dancing side-by-side with people who Shaker thinks (based on their back-end technology) you may like to get to know. This is designed to mimic the type of social experience people have, for example, meeting friends of friends in a club.”

The club will also change depending on the room’s host, which will likely be a band. Shaker has partnered with BandPage to allow musicians to easily host events and share content with fans. Live Nation is also working with Shaker to promote select tours.

Club 53, although the first North American venue the company has launched, is only one of Shaker’s virtual endeavors. Shaker recently partnered with the NBA to create a venue for sports fans to connect over the Playoff Finals. That launches on June 12.

What do you think of the idea of a virtual club? Would you stay in to go out?