Spotify Radio Is Now Available To All Mobile Users In The U.S.

Posted June 19

If you’ve been making do with the free version of Spotify thus far, but have been a bit peeved that you couldn’t access the full streaming service on your mobile device, be peeved no longer: Spotify is updating its mobile app today to include its new radio feature, and if you’re currently a free user in the US, you too can access Spotify’s myriad songs in the form of stations — and listen as long as you like.

Spotify has had a desktop radio service for a while now (first introduced in December), and began rolling out a revamped, “Pandora-like” version of that service back in May, allowing users to create radio stations from specific playlists and albums. The service offers unlimited skips and also allows users to create stations from artists and songs, and the whole shebang is powered by super ubiquitous music intelligence platform, The Echo Nest — which means the stations become smarter and more personalized with every “like.”

Now, it seems, this functionality is coming to mobile. However, it will not only be accessible to those who pay for Spotify, but to everyone. A refresher: Spotify has three tiers of service, 1). Free: Listen to a limited amount of music for free on your desktop with ads (you can listen on mobile, but only to songs you own and sync with the app — you couldn’t stream in the past), 2). Listen to unlimited tunes on your desktop with no ads (listen to synced tracks on mobile, etc), 3). Listen to unlimited jams across devices with no ads.

Now, even if you don’t pay for Spotify, you will be able to access the radio service on your iPhone and iPad, which means you can take your music with you — so long as it comes in the form of Pandora-like radio. Granted, you can only use the streaming radio feature — not on-demand — but you’ll be able to create as many stations as you like from albums, artists, songs or playlists, listen as long as you like, save tracks to playlists, like tracks to hear similar music, create stations from friends’ tunes, and access 16 million tracks. Granted, you’ll have to listen to advertisements, but that’s a small price to pay for unlimited free jams.

The update will be rolling out soon to iOS and to the Android app in the coming weeks.

Spotify users in the 14 other countries it’s offered in are likely to be a little bummed, as this update is limited to free users in the US. Premium users outside of the US will be able to take advantage of the feature, however.