Any Song Can Be A Synesthetic Experience With This iPhone Game

Posted July 24

Do you “suffer” from (more like enjoy) synesthesia? The ability to see music as colors, etc? Well, then, lucky you — every concert is like an internal light show. For the rest of us, there’s a new iPhone game called Synesthetic that turns your tunes into colors and obstacles that you must dodge in order to achieve gamified glory.

After giving Synesthetic a download, you can choose any song in your iTunes library to serve as your musical obstacle course. The app scans the tune to fit the landscape to its tempo and feel and creates a landscape that you must zoom through (by tilting your iPhone) and jutting mountainous objects you must avoid crashing into. It’s a lot like Bjork’s app for the song “Crystalline” (part of the Biophilia suite of apps/album), in which the player travels through a cavern of jewels.

The game has three levels of difficulty (Vibe, Flux and Wave) and each song that you play with has its own leaderboard where you can square off against other players with similar musical taste. It also looks really rad — like a Lisa Frank notebook minus all the unicorns.

What tunes will you play along to?