App Promises To Turn Your Tinny MP3s Into Gold

Posted July 11

Audio snobs, rejoice! There’s an app out there from audio company Aphex that promises to increase the sound quality of tunes on your iOS device.

Audio Xciter is basically a music player for your iTunes library, but one that enhances the quality of your MP3s by leaps and bounds using DSP (digital signal processor) technology. When you first open the app after installing it, your entire music library will pop up instantly — no lengthy scanning process involved. You can then open any tune you like and custom adjust the sound to your liking by factors such as AE Tune, Harmonics, AE Mix, Drive, BB Tune and BB Mix. Those of us who aren’t all that savvy when it comes to lingo can just choose Low, Medium, High or Custom for automatic adjustments.

Being one of the folks who aren’t too up on the lingo, I chose Custom and listened to some of my favorite tunes via the app. The difference was immediately clear — vocals were richer, song components more distinct, it was, overall, a better experience. As someone who often listens to music on her iPhone through crappy headphones she bought on the subway, it was like removing the cotton from my ears.

The free version of the app gives you 15 minutes of use per day, but users can upgrade to Audio Xciter Basic (which removes the time restriction) for $2.99 at launch or Audio Xciter Studio, which allows for more fine-tuning and unlimited listening, for $7.99.