Blogger Wears A Different Rock T Every Day For More Than A Year

Posted July 12

Remember Isac Walter, the intrepid blogger who has been wearing a different rock T-shirt every day and then documenting it on his blog, Minor Thread? Well, he’s still going strong, and he just made an awesome stop-motion video to commemorate his progress.

Walter’s amazing Tumblr — part merch archive, part memoir, part music review site — earned him a Beyond The Blog nomination at the last O Music Awards, as well as a legion of followers who check in every day to answer what is usually meant to be a dirty question: “What are you wearing?”

Check out an interview (from back in December) with Walter below and make sure to watch the entirety of his 8-plus-minute video up yonder. It features the jam “Wasted Days” by Cloud Nothings, who will be appearing on tonight’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon at 12:35 EST. I’ll be seeing them after the taping in Brooklyn, so hit me up if you want another shirt, Walter.

When did you decide to undertake this endeavor?
People kept making comments to me like, ‘How many shirts do you have?’ and I was always like, ‘Man, I have so many I could go months or a year without even wearing the same shirt.’ And everyone was like, ‘No, you can’t. There’s no way.’ And I was like, ‘Trust me. I have so many shirts.’ So one day I just decided to pull the trigger and do it just to see how long I could do it for. And it sort of just kind of evolved into me doing stories or talking about each shirt naturally. It just came natural to me to want to blab about all the bands I really like.

Have you counted how many shirts you have? Do you know when the end is coming?
Well, the end is nowhere near in sight. I have literally stacks and a closet full of shirts. And I still go to shows and buy shirts from bands. I went and saw Morrissey and bought three T-shirts. The Cure came to town. I was always a big fan of going to shows. I’ve worked in the music industry for a while and you get into shows for free all the time. My way of making sure that the bands got paid was for me to buy a shirt from the show. Just so that I knew that the band made some money from me.

What is your history with the music industry?
It all started a long time ago when I worked in a record store. Then I ran a magazine that was a music/snowboarding/skateboard magazine. I worked at Capitol Records and then I got a job at Myspace when it first started and started the music department there. I music-supervised a few movies, and that’s what I’m doing now. I also do marketing for some bands.

Which bands are your favorite — in terms of band-T-wearing?
I have a giant Descendants collection of shirts because I have been seeing this band since 1990. They’re one of my favorite bands of all time. Them and The Smiths and New Order — but I hardly have any of those shirts at all. But — the Descendants — I’ve been buying shirts forever and I have a huge collection of them.

I think that’s what inspired me to do the blog. I love these shirts. I love wearing them and every time you wear them people are like, ‘Oh, that’s awesome! Where did you get that shirt?’

Dare I ask if you have a favorite shirt?
The shirt I have that I wore on the 100th day, which is a Descendants shirt, is one of my favorites. Because it’s a really rare shirt from a Descendants record that was totally underrated and I got it from the bass player from the band off of eBay. So it’s kind of special to me.

There’s shirts that I have made myself, just because I couldn’t find the original shirt. I remember wearing a Green Day shirt to a show that I made and the bass player came up to me and was like, ‘Where did you get that shirt?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, sh*t, he’s pissed.’ And I was like, ‘I made it myself,’ and he was like, ‘Oh, rad, can you make us one?’ I made it in my oven and screenprinted it at home. I cured it in the oven. [Note: He didn't end up making them a shirt.]

So what’s the response been like?
Bands will retweet me and stuff like that, which is awesome. They’re bands I grew up loving and now they’re like, ‘Check out this dude’s blog; it’s rad. He wore our shirt.’ It almost becomes some weird promotion now — to get your shirt on there.

I’ve had so many people tell me that I turned them on to new bands from my blog. It’s an awesome feeling.

Have there been any days when it was kind of inappropriate to wear a band T, but you did anyway?
For sure. I had to go to a wedding, but I wore the band shirt under a button-up shirt.