Listen To Riot In Paris’ Song For Wayne Coyne

Posted July 2

Last week the band Riot In Paris won the OMA for “Most Extreme Fan Outreach,” and to celebrate their victory they wrote a brand-new inspirational song for Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips titled ” 7 Down, 1 To Go.”

For those who have been dozing under stones, the Flaming Lips scored the Guinness World Record for the Most Live Concerts in 24 Hours (Guinness needs to update their digs) as a part of the third O Music Awards last week. The show was a 24-hour roadtrip through the American South, and the whole thing was livestreamed on

Riot In Paris found out about their award during the course of the show, an honor handed out to them for their Twitter-based project, Track Me, for which they wrote a series of songs based on fans’ tweets. After informing the band of their victory, we called up Brooklyn hip-hop duo Pete and Mercy and asked them to write a song for Wayne Coyne.

Two hours later, they presented us with the below, which we played for Coyne before rolling into New Orleans and nabbing the record. Listen below, and make sure to check out Riot In Paris’ other tunes here.

Image courtesy of Facebook, Riot In Paris