Music & Tech Around The Web: Beats Gets MOG, Chris Quits Girls & More

Posted July 2

The third O Music Awards has crashed to an end — The Flaming Lips broke a World Record, awards were doled out, mayhem was thoroughly enjoyed — but that doesn’t mean the OMA crew is ready to shut up. Check out some links below, and keep it here — blogside — for more music and tech news.

* Talk about singin’ in the rain: Musical umbrella delivers 8-bit tones

* More twists and turns in the music subscription scene: Beats finally announces deal to acquire MOG

* Get even more social with your viral video intake: YouTube Lets You Use Google+ As Your Profile

* We could have used this during last week’s show!: Roadtrip App Plays Artists From the Towns You’re Driving Through

* Say it ain’t so, Chris!: Christopher Owens Quits Girls

* You give love a bad name: Overly Attached Girlfriend Is Back With A New Lip-Sync Medley!