Pitchfork Releases New Festival App For iOS

Posted July 12

Last year, the Pitchfork Music Festival released its very first app, created by the people behind image-based scheduling app Diacarta. It was a lovely thing — the aesthetic perfectly inline with the music festival’s mood and (as I said in a previous article) reminiscent of the quirky band posters sold at the event. This year, Pitchfork is out with an update, but it seems as though the only thing that has changed is the lineup.

The Pitchfork app is an extremely simple creation, as befitting a festival that takes place on what is essentially a relatively small field in a decidedly not-bustling part of Chicago. The fest boasts three stages, none of which are very far apart. In the past, a tear-out in one of Chicago’s many free papers sufficed when it came to planning one’s day, but last year the fest organizers decided to scale schedules down to the size of a phone screen.

When you enter the app, you’re greeted with a pleasing image of a clock face, which will serve as your schedule. Click on “schedule” at the bottom of the app to surface a list of bands, organized by day or alphabetically. You can then click on bands for more info, as well as tap a little plus sign to add them to your schedule. Adding a band to the the schedule in-app will automatically plug that show time into your Google calendar, so you’ll receive an alert 15 minutes before the act takes the stage.

Once you’re done creating your schedule, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter. You can also share individual bands, as well as check out where everyone is playing via an in-app map.

Last year, my main gripe with the app was that it lacked music — the ability to check out a few tunes (along with the band bio) within the app. It seemed like a natural addition this year, considering the fact that Pitchfork recently released a stellar Spotify app packed with playlists.

Maybe tunes will be added in time for Pitchfork Music Festival Paris? J’espère.

The fest kicks off Friday, and Pitchfork plans to stream it live online.