Bon Iver Launches Remix Contest With Indaba Music

Posted August 2

Nothing to do this weekend? Why not nature-out in a cabin in the woods, don some plaid, grow out your beard and remix some Bon Iver? You might just score a single release — and a nice cool grand to go toward future naturing/shirt-wearing/beard-tending.

Bon Iver is joining the ranks of musicians who have launched remix contents on Indaba Music today, leaving the stems to his sophomore album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, up the mercy of enterprising musicians. Indaba users have until August 29 to remix one or all of Justin Vernon’s croony tunes (each song has its own contest), at which time the band will choose one remixed version of each tune to put on an album to be exclusively released via Spotify. Each song will net a winner $1,000 — you can win contests for more than one song.

If you’re unfamiliar with Indaba, it’s a platform that allows musicians to connect online for the purposes of collaboration. The site also features a ton of contests — from songwriting to remixing — that allow up-and-coming musicians to work with more established acts, like Bon Iver. Famously, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo used the site to find folks to produce demos that he had written with his wife. The producers were also paid for their work.

Myriad other indie bands have also hosted remix contests on the platform, but seeing as how Bon Iver recently won a Grammy, we can see this effort getting a lot of attention. So get yourself to that cabin, friend — you’re going to need all the quiet desperation you can get to win this contest.