Get Lightbombed With This Innovative Photobooth

Posted August 15

Our Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event is so, so nigh. Which is why we’re excited to share details about another participant today: Lightbomber, an innovative photo app that will be setting up shop in photobooth form under the illustrious DUMBO Arch on Friday.

Chase Jarvis once so eloquently suggested, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” This could not be truer for the new generation of iPhonographers. Now even lightpainting — the form of photography that utilizes long exposures to paint with lights — is made possible through the iPhone, thanks to a team of lightpainting enthusiasts and their $0.99 app.

Lightbomber is the brainchild of Michelle McSwain and Ryan Warnberg, co-founders of the Brooklyn-based company MRI Lightpainting and avid lightpainters. Before founding the company in 2007, they were running around the streets creating art like it were no one’s business. Their foray started with late-night shoots in the streets of New York and grew to include fine art, international print ads and music videos.

MRI is built around on the philosophy that anyone can be made a lightpainter given the right tools. Michelle and Ryan first made manifest this idea in their Lightpainting Photo Booth, appearing at our Unboxed event this Friday. The booth allows partygoers to paint any image they like with LED light. Pros operating the booth can also execute the painting. Guests jump in front of a tripod, the professionals fire up an exposure, bust out the lightpainting, hit them with a flash and it’s done. Images can be printed then and there or downloaded from MRI’s Flickr.

Receiving amazing initial reception from the likes of Gawker, The Wall Street Journal and MoMA, the duo sought to tackle the growing community of iPhonographers and brought lightpainting to app form: a handy little tool called LightBomber.

LightBomber uses an iPhone’s video mode to replicate the long exposure function of a traditional camera lens. Users are able to begin light painting using this long exposure and a set of custom lights within the app. Once finished the app compiles all the video data into a single image, and you have your very own piece of light art.

The app provides not just a long-exposure camera, but also all of the lights, tips, instruction and inspiration needed to make a lightpainter out of pretty much anyone.

Ryan and Michelle believe that their fans come from all walks of life, specifically the iPhoneography world and Tumblr generation. The intense creativity of these users coupled with the app’s simple interface produces truly beautiful end images.

“The directions that people have taken this thing in are far beyond our imagination,” Ryan says. “If it’s possible for an app to be an organic process, I would call LightBomber exactly that. The new features within the app are sourced from our consumers via one-to-one feedback over whatever social networks they happen to be sharing their work on. We listen to our users, and what is in the market now is the result of some pretty intense feedback and iteration… and we’re not even done yet.”

LightBomber scored a spot on the top 10 free iOS photo app charts in May and an Android version is currently in the works. Come check it out this Friday at our Unboxed event!