Hack Helps You Think Twice Before Stealing Tunes

Posted August 27

Do you have an aching urge to check out the new Drake/Adele/Album That Tons Of People Like? Well, step away from that Torrent, because there’s an app out there that will show you where to get it — without the threat of jail time.

Legalize It! is a simple web app created at Music Hack Day Barcelona that displays an array of highly pirated albums, and then links out to Spotify where users can listen for free — legally.

The app available on the Web is more stripped down than the Spotify app conceptualized by hacker Ben Fields during the hack day. While the Web version pulls in Bittorrent data via Musicmetric’s API and links out to Spotify — making it a mere catalogue of top-torrented songs — the Spotify app would live within the music subscription service and tap into music intelligence The Echo Nest’s API for playlisting purposes and greater music exploration. Right now, however, that idea is just that — an idea. Take a look at the above screenshot for a taste of what Fields has in mind.

Legalize It! isn’t the first hack that Fields has created that turns music piracy on its head. He’s also the creator of Tourrent Plans, which helps bands plan tours based on where their music is stolen the most.