Matchbox 20 Drops 360-Degree Music Video

Posted August 21

Tanlines and Matchbox 20 — these are probably not bands who are often mentioned in the same breath (or paragraph, for that matter), but they do have something in common: Both used GoPano technology to create 360-degree interactive videos.

“She’s So Mean” — a single off of Matchbox 20′s upcoming album North — just got a video, courtesy of The Integration Company and GoPano, 360-degree video technology that was originally designed for the military and the aviation industry. The video features the band standing in a circle in some kind of facility (it could be a hospital, it could be a university of some kind), performing the jam. Viewers can use their mouse to change the view, spinning around in a circle to watch each band member play.

Tanlines’ video, for “Brothers,” also let viewers explore a landscape — specifically what appears to be a typical Tanlines jam session, which is a lot more chill than Matchbox 20′s, it seems. (Think more lazing on couches than standing around near marble columns.)

The official (non-interactive) version of the Matchbox 20 video dropped in late July, and is pretty much the same deal — plus some chick (we assume the “she” who is “so mean”) wrecking havoc.

Overall, the video is pretty standard when it comes to 360-degree efforts — works like Craig Wedren’s “Are We” are much more ambitious — but it is a cool little addition to the preexisting vid.