Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Updates, ’90s Throwbacks & More

Posted August 7

Happy whatever today is! We have a nice selection of music and tech links here if you would direct your attention after the jump.

* Could all those rad Spotify apps be coming to your mobile? Mayhaps: Is Spotify Readying Launch Of Third-Party Apps For the iPhone?

* Because apparently it’s cool to like the ’90s now: The 10 Most ’90s Songs of the ’90s

* New Spotify update. Get it nowish: New Spotify Update Brings Additional iPad Stations, Support For iOS 6

* Can we pay them not to play at all?: The Human Jukebox, Donations Determine What Songs Street Musicians Will Play

* Tom Waits has been sending out clue-laden emails all week to fans. Apparently, this is what he was building up to: Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”