Music & Tech Around The Web: SXSW Tips, Olympic Tunes & More

Posted August 6

Happy beginning of the next week in the rest of your life, chums. Here are some links to get you started on your arduous journey.

* Hint, the answer is not just “practice”: How Your Band Can Perfom @SXSW

* Pandora flaunts some numbers: Pandora registers 54.9 million active listeners in July, sees 48% growth in 12 months

* Music to watch other people exert themselves to: Are You An Olympic Slacker?

* Every cool cat’s dream: Sol Republic makes $1,000 cat earphones

* That’s why the dude was nominated for an OMA: Damon Albarn Is the Appiest Man in Show Business

* Someone sample this kitty: Bub Sounds