Makes Music Promotion A Collaborative Experience

Posted August 20 is a free service offering simple and smart solutions for artists, labels and music professionals looking to promote music online, increase fan engagement and optimize workflow. differs from other DIY promo sites in that it is collaborative and customizable. Artist online workspaces can be managed by multiple admins and can be made to reflect the band’s aesthetic with customizable designs and embeddable players. This is music to the ears of publicists, marketing teams, bandmates and interns who spend half their working week sharing passwords and switching back and forth between accounts. Each track and album bands upload is served up via embeddable HTML5 players so that bands can control how their music is presented. Artists are also able to syndicate content to YouTube and SoundCloud automatically.

Official began as a music-hosting site popular with podcasters and musos alike. Earlier this year it changed up its business strategy to cater to DIY music promotion. Since re-launching the site in April, the folks at Official have constantly worked with artists and labels to better the product. As such they have recently added new features, described below.

Password Protected Promo Pages
Artists can add a layer of security to their pages with password protection. Before the only way to hide pre-released material was to hope that those without the specific URL for the content would not get their hands on it.

Label Workspaces
Labels can now highlight their work in a gallery of albums and playlists. As with artist pages, the background is customizable so the music matches the personality of the label.

Gallery Pages
Official galleries present an artist’s body of work visually. The layout is customizable and can be made to match the identity of the tunes. made a special appearance at last week’s Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event. Keep it here for photos and video from the event.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano 