Our Guests Got LightBombed At DUMBO Summer Friday [GALLERY]

Posted August 20

We know you’re still recovering from our Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event last week — mostly because we’re right there with you. Well, get with it already! It’s time to sort through the scraps of the past, courtesy of our LightBomber photobooth.

Our Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event was a roaring success, featuring awesome sets from Bosco Delrey, Zambri, Prince Rama and Javelin (video forthcoming) and demos from a passel of techie folks. Plus, the whole thing was livestreamed on Unboxed’s homepage. If that wasn’t enough posterity for you, we also had the folks behind lightpainting app LightBomber on hand to take pics of our party guests.

The crew used their new LightBomber app (which garnered 10,000 downloads after our event) and executed the snappage thusly:

We set up the app on a tripod, started an exposure, did some lightpainting around the guest, and then popped a lower-power flash (the Lomo Fritz the Blitz, to be exact, since our usual pro flash would be too intense) and once the photos were done and the oohs and aahs had subsided, we took down twitter info and tweeted it right to the guest! No twitter? No problem. We also emailed and texted photos.

You can see the results in this here gallery (and more here), or try the app yourself on your iPhone.