SongPop — Finally An Addictive Timewaster For Music Nerds

Posted August 24

There’s a new hot game on the scene, and this one isn’t really made for playing on the sly. It’s called SongPop, and it’s kind of like Words With Friends and Draw Something — only a lot louder.

SongPop, created by publisher FreshPlanet, is a “name that song/artist/etc” game that pits you against Facebook friends and strangers alike. When you fire up the app, you can instantly find scores of people to play with — likely because just three months after launch, 4 million people play the game daily. That’s double what we were seeing in July, reports TechCrunch.
According to a release from FreshPlanet, the game — which launched in May — has seen 25 million unique players.

The game’s conceit is pretty simple — an attribute that makes for a lot of popular apps: 1). Get a game (or several games) going with a friend or random by issuing a challenge, 2). Pick from an array of playlists (’90s alternative, today’s hits, modern rap, etc), 3). Cycle through a selection of 30-second song samples. Receive points for each song guessed correctly. The more songs you guess correctly in a row, the more points you get. More songs will be added to playlists as you score more and more points. 4). Your friend/random is issued your challenge and whoever wins receives a batch of coins to be used to buy more playlists. You can also buy more coins in-app or garner them by watching videos or viewing ads. 5). Your friend/random plays another round and challenges you again. 6). You slowly lose all your friends and loved ones as you descend deeper and deeper into SongPop’s concentric rings of fun.

We strongly recommend that you wear headphones while engaging with this game, because, well, it’s probably pretty annoying to anyone not playing. We’re talking to you here, Alec Baldwin.

SongPop is available on iOS, Android and Facebook, and you can pick up a game right where you left off at any time across those platforms. It comes in both free and paid flavors, the free containing ads and the paid ($1.99) has no ads, longer song samples and the ability to play and challenge more people at a time.

Social/mobile games based on old diversions have been all the rage lately, with apps like Draw Something and Words With Friends enjoying tons of success (and inevitable dips in popularity) over the last several months. Do you think SongPop has what it takes to sustain?