Spotify Takes Music Discovery On The Road With Big Green Bus

Posted August 3

Spotify is going all OMA on us this month, launching a new initiative called “Spotify on Tour with The Big Green Bus” on August 8 in Los Angeles, California. Much like O Music Awards Three — which featured a tricked-out tour bus tooling around the American South, doling out tunes and awards along the way — the project will boast a Spotify-branded vehicle that will basically act as music discovery on wheels.

Next week, the music subscription service will kick off the Big Green Bus’ epic journey in LA with performances by YACHT and Henry Clay People. The bus will then take off across the country, with stops planned in San Francisco, California, St. Louis, Missouri, Salt Lake City, Utah, Boulder Colorado, and more. Each city will host different performers.

The bus itself is outfitted with an interactive boom box that allows users to play songs via smartphone, a bar with drinks supplied by sponsor Bacardi, iPads with Spotify playlists, and a photobooth. It will also be represented online by the “Spotify on Tour with Big Green Bus” Facebook App, which will feature tour dates, playlists, photos and video of any and all shows the bus puts on. The whole thing is in support of The Pablove Foundation, a charity that funds research and treatment of pediatric cancers.

According to Erin Clift, vice president of global sales development at Spotify, the idea for the bus came about at SXSW 2012, where the company hosted their own house featuring a ton of diverse performances. “It was really the first live experience where we really tried to bring what we believe is unique about the platform — which is fueling that discovery and sharing of music — into the physical environment,” she says.

More and more, music subscription/streaming services are curating offline concert experiences. iTunes and iHeartRadio have their own music festivals, and Pandora recently launched its Pandora Presents series.

Although Clift says that Spotify doesn’t plan to get into the concert-promoting business full-time, it doesn’t aim for this endeavor to be a one-off, either.”We kind of want to launch the bus and have it live on forever,” Clift says.